Client Video Testimonials

Video Customer Testimonials

  • Nothing is more compelling to viewers than seeing and hearing real live customers rave about your business
  • These videos usually run from fifteen second snippets to a minute

Video Success Stories:

These videos follow an interview format where the person on screen answers questions posed by an interviewer just off-camera

Man-in-the-Street Interviews – Local Newscaster style:

These videos capture ‘spontaneuous” response to targeted questions that help promote your product or service

To help differentiate the benefits of your brand compared to the real or imagined problems associated with your competitors

Video is 1/2 of All Traffic on the Internet!

And Growing!

Testimonial Video Marketing Strategy:

  1. Research for Keywords – These are phrases that people use online to find your services.
  2. We take the videos and edit and optimize them.
    This will allow them to serve up on Google searches for any number of topics/keywords people search for online.

    EX: Air Conditioning Repair Mesa Az is searched for 170 times every month!

  3. We then Set Up or Optimize Your You Tube Channel
    We create a Channel Image that Matches the branding of your Website & optimize it to come up in searches for your keywords.
  4. Next, we Set Up Profiles for the numerous online sites we will be submitting to.
  5. We then take each video and post it on multiple sites online.
    Not just the You Tube Channel, but also several video sites, then on your Facebook Page, on Google + Places for Business Page, and more.

Optimize You Tube Channel & Design to Match Branding

Set Up Profiles Online to the Multiple Sites to Post Videos

_______ You Tube Channel and Profiles Set Up $497 – One Time

Customer Focused Testimonial Videos:

  • Contact & Arrange for 10 Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Write Scripts
  • Interview and Record On a Google Hangout, or Live “in person” locally
  • Edit & Produce with Logo/Branding and a Call to Action
  • Optimize and Upload to Multiple sites for Google Ranking of a keyword in Search
  • Submit Videos and Posts to Facebook Page
  • Submit Videos and Posts to Google + Business Page
  • Time: 10 Weeks – 1 per Week

______ Videos: Reg. $397 Each or $1997 in Package of 10

Existing Videos:

  • Optimize, Edit and Produce: Add Branding and Call to Action
  • Upload to Multiple sites for Google Ranking of a keyword in Search

______ Existing Videos: $197 Each or $897 in Package of 5

Brand Enhancers USA is a leading video production and online marketing company with headquarters in Phoenix, and provides services in more than 100 cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, San Diego, San Francisco, and many more.

Brand Enhancers USA provides online marketing that includes Video Production, Online TV Shows, Webinars, Video Marketing, Video Optimization, and PR Services- to Generate New Business.